DIMACS 1995-96 Special Year on Logic and Algorithms

Call for University-Industry PostDoctoral Fellowship and University-Industry Senior Research Fellowship Applications in Computer-Aided Verification

DIMACS, the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, is soliciting applications for university-industry postdoctoral and senior research fellowships in computer-aided verification as part of its 1995-96 Special Year on Logic and Algorithms.

DIMACS is a Science and Technology Center funded by the NSF, whose participating institutions are Rutgers University, Princeton University, AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Bellcore. Research and education activities at DIMACS focus on such areas as analysis of algorithms, combinatorics, complexity, computational algebra, discrete and computational geometry, discrete optimization and graph theory. A primary activity of the Center is to sponsor year-long research programs on specific topics of current interest, and one such program is this Special Year on Logic and Algorithms. For more information on this program follow the pointers described below.

One of the topics on which this special year is focused is computer-aided verification, which studies algorithms and structures for verifying properties of hardware and software. It draws upon techniques from graph theory, combinatorics, automata theory, complexity theory, Boolean functions and algebras, logic, Ramsey theory and linear programming.

The university-industry postdoctoral program is an NSF-sponsored program that provides opportunities for recent doctoral recipients in the mathematical sciences to broaden their knowledge, experience, and perspectives by exposing them to industrial environments and for industry to interact with talented researchers who are beginning their careers. This activity encourages interaction between the academic and industrial sectors by enabling postdoctoral researchers to spend approximately half their time engaged in research in an industrial setting and half in a university environment.

The university-industry senior research program is an NSF-sponsored program whose goal is to increase participation of mid-career and senior mathematical scientists in an industrial research setting and to expose mid-career and senior industrial mathematical scientists to academic research. The program provides research fellowships, both university-to-industry and industry- to-university. The fellowships will provide partial sabbatical support for university faculty to conduct research in an industrial environment and for industrial mathematical scientists to contribute to the higher education enterprise.

Conditioned on funding approval, we expect DIMACS-industry postdoctoral positions, industrial positions for academic mathematical scientists, and DIMACS positions for industrial methmatical scientists. Interested mathematical scientists are encouraged to apply.

All participating institutions are equal opportunity/affirmative action employers.

For Further Information

For more information about the program, contact Robert Kurshan in the address above. For more information about DIMACS, contact DIMACS.

For Information about NSF Programs:

To get the complete NSF documents, send email to
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Special Year Organizing Committee:
Eric Allender, Rutgers U.
Bob Kurshan, AT&T Bell Labs
Moshe Vardi, Rice U.
Special Year Publicity Chair:
Stephen Bloch, Adelphi U.

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