Opportunities for Support

Fellowship Opportunities that might match DIMACS visitors

This *summarizes* some of the sources of fellowships, postdocs, sabbatical support, etc that I have found and might be suitable to DIMACS visitors. It is meant to be complete, but it simply is not.

These are not completely screened for applicability. If you know of other programs, please send me enough info to share with others: Name, a way to contact, brief description of program, who qualifies.


To get the complete NSF documents, send email to
and includes message lines such as
get nsf9310
for each "File" you want.
Better yet, you can search the NSF files yourself by
gopher stis.nsf.gov
or open a Mosaic URL to:
Instead of relying on this, also contact:

Bruce Barnes, Acting Division Director, CCR (703)306-1910, bbarnes@nsf.gov

John Cherniavsky, Special Projects group in CISE, (703)306-1980 jchernia@nsf.gov

Ann Boyle, Div of Mathematics Research in MPS (703)306-1875 aboyle@nsf.gov

Mike Steuerwalt, Div of Mathematics Research in MPS (703) 306-1873 msteuerw@nsf.gov

Spud Bradley, INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM in Education and Human Resources Division (703) 306-1614 jbradley@nsf.gov

These are people who are familiar with DIMACS; Your could describe your interests and get their help directing you to specific program directors or calls for proposals.

Some documents:

Title  : NSF 94-119 Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowships
Type   : Program Guideline
Date   : August 31, 1994
File   : nsf94119
Deadline:  Oct. 17, 1994
Comments:  earned PHD since Jan 1 1990

Title  : NSF94-111 Mathematical Science Dear Colleague Letter
Type   : Letter
Date   : August 15, 1994
File   : nsf94111
Deadline: October 12, 1994 Algebra and Number Theory Program
                 Applied Mathematics Program
                 Classical Analysis Program
                 Modern Analysis Program

         November 9, 1994 Computational Mathematics Program
                 Geometric Analysis Program
                 Statistics and Probability Program
                 Topology and Foundations Program.
Comments: not postdocs per se; NSF research grants

Title  : NSF 94-68 Visiting Professorships for Women.
Type   : Program Guideline
Date   : May 26, 1994
File   : nsf9468
Deadline: October 15, 1994
Comments:  Good 1 year program; Need to work with Math or CS dept.

Title  : NSF 93-135 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program Program
         Characteristics FY 1995 (ALL)
Type   : Program Guideline
Date   : September 19, 1994
File   : nsf94135
Deadline: Oct. 17
Comment: Programs in MPS and CISE; CISE up to 3 years; MPS 3 to 5 years.

Title  : NSF 93-130 -- Research Planning Grants and Career Advancement Awards
         for Women Scientists and Engineers
Type   : Program Guideline
Date   : August 23, 1993
File   : nsf93130
Deadline: Varies by program; January 15 for DMS
Comment: These are good for 1 year visits

Title  : NSF93-151--Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Molecular Evolution
Type   : Program Guideline
NSF Org: BIO; and Joint wuth Sloan Foundation
Date   : August 31, 1994
File   : nsf93151
Deadline:  November 1, 1994
Comments:  BIO directorate; contact Fred Roberts for general advice

Title  : NSF 92-62 Computational Biology Activities
Type   : Program Guideline
Date   : July 10, 1992
File   : nsf9262
Deadline: None; 6 - 9 months to process
Comments:  Contact Fred Roberts at DIMACS to discuss.

Title  : NSF 94-104 - Postdoctoral Research Associates in Computational Science
         and Engineering and Associates in Experimental Science
Type   : Program Guideline
Date   : July 29, 1994
file   : nsf94104
Deadline: Nov. 1 1994
Comments: Cherniavsky has asked DIMACS to enter some applications.

Title  : NSF 94-100 - University-Industry Cooperative Research Programs in the
         Mathematical Sciences
Type   : Program Guideline
Date   : August 1, 1994
File   : nsf94100
Deadline: December 12
Comments: Joint arrangements with industry
Comments: matching with Bell Labs or Bellcore is OK if the match is above ordinary

Also: see the grant proposal guide for SGER's.
Small Grants for Exploratory Research (page 10).
Up to 50,000.  Reviewed internally at NSF.
We had a Research / Education postdoc on this last year.
It gets a lot of proposals that do not fit into the 
regular programs.


American Association of University Women (AAUW) - various programs
- International Fellowhships, for non-US citizens at US institutions
- Selected Professions Fellowships
- Dissertation Fellowships
(AAUW Education Foundation Fellowships, 1111 16th St N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20036)

TAP: The Ada Project - Tapping Internet Resources for Women in CS.
MOSAIC: http://www.cs.yale.edu/HTML/YALE/CS/HyPlans/tap/tap.html
Gopher:  ???
This has compiled many funding opportunities for women.

Harris Fellowships, administered by the Patricia Roberts Harris
Fellowship Program, through the U.S. Dept. of Education
(poc:  Cosette Ryan, ED, Suite C80, Portals Bldg.,
400 Maryland Ave. S.W., Washington, D.C. 20202-5329;
phone 202-260-3608.  CFDA No. 84.094B)

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