Several important committees help DIMACS plan future programs and execute current ones.Three that are critical to center-wide governance are the Advisory Board, the Executive Committee, and the DIMACS Council. Several other committees offer more specific guidance associated with special foci or other individual programs.

Executive Committee
  • Fred S. Roberts, Interim Director of DIMACS and CCICADA Director
  • Rebecca Wright, Director Emerita
  • Tamra Carpenter, DIMACS Associate Director
  • Margaret Cozzens, DIMACS Associate Director for Education
  • Dennis Egan, CCICADA Assistant Director
  • Lazaros Gallos, DIMACS Associate Director
  • Robert Tarjan, Co-Director - Princeton
  • Alexandr Andoni, Columbia University
  • Elliot Anshelevich, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Chidanand (Chid) Apte, IBM Research
  • Senjuti Basu Roy, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Endre Boros, Rutgers University - RUTCOR
  • Marco Gruteser, Rutgers University - Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • John Kolassa, Rutgers University - Statistics
  • Swastik Kopparty, Rutgers University - Computer Science
  • Edmund Lattime, Rutgers University - Cancer Institute of New Jersey
  • Janne Lindqvist, Rutgers University - Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Konstantin Mischaikow, Rutgers University - Mathematics
  • David Pennock, Microsoft Research
  • Dana Randall, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Michael Saks, Rutgers University - Mathematics
  • Eric van den Berg, Perspecta Labs
  • Susanne Wetzel, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Lisa Zhang, Nokia Bell Labs

The Council includes all members of the Executive Committee plus one additional representative from each DIMACS unit, as designated by the unit. The Council extends the Executive Committee to provide broader perspective and a diversity of opinions. The Council meets once per semester.

  • All members of the Executive Committee
  • Farid Alizadeh, Rutgers University - RUTCOR
  • Eric Allender, Rutgers University - Computer Science
  • Giovanni Di Crescenzo, Perspecta Labs
  • Janos Komlos, Rutgers University - Mathematics
  • Carl Nuzman, Nokia Bell Labs
  • Baruch Schieber, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Siddhartha Sen, Microsoft Research
  • Emina Soljanin, Rutgers University - Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Nikos Triandopoulos, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Minge Xie, Rutgers University - Statistics

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a largely external body that offers long-term strategic vision and oversight. It meets roughly every two years.

  • W. Richards Adrion, University of Massachusetts Amherst (emeritus)
  • Jennifer Chayes, Microsoft Research
  • Ronald Graham, University of California, San Diego
  • Alexander Gray, IBM
  • Juris Hartmanis, Cornell University (emeritus)
  • Sampath Kannan, University of Pennsylvania
  • Richard Karp, University of California, Berkeley (emeritus)
  • Jon Kettenring, Drew University
  • Daniel Kleitman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (emeritus)
  • Eva Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Suzanne Lenhart, University of Tennessee
  • David Madigan, Columbia University
  • Eva Tardos, Cornell University
  • Peter Winkler, Dartmouth College (Advisory Board Chair)
  • Mihalis Yannakakis, Columbia University