DIMACS is a multi-institution partnership led by Rutgers University. When it was founded in 1989, DIMACS was a partnership of four academic and industrial institutions based in New Jersey – Rutgers University, Princeton University, AT&T, and Bellcore.

Since its founding, DIMACS has added academic and industrial partners to broaden both its scientific community and its geographic footprint. Representatives from these partner institutions participate in the governance of DIMACS by assisting with program planning and helping to set the center's strategic direction.

 DIMACS Partner Institutions
  • Rutgers University

  • AT&T Labs - Research

  • NEC Laboratories America

  • Nokia Bell Labs

  • Perspecta Labs

  • Princeton University

DIMACS Affiliate Partner Institutions
  • Avaya Labs

  • Columbia University

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

  • IBM Research

  • Microsoft Research

  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Stevens Institute of Technology

Representatives from several units within Rutgers also participate on the committees that help set the strategic direction of DIMACS. These include:

These Rutgers units, together with the partner and affiliate partner institutions, form what we refer to collectively as the "DIMACS units."