Workshop Celebrating Eric Allender and Mike Saks

Ken Regan's recent post in the Gödel's Lost Letter blog highlighted presentations, conversations, and the collegial spirit of the E + M = C^2 workshop celebrating the birthdays of Eric Allender and Mike Saks.

July 2017

In January 2017, DIMACS hosted the E+M=C2 workshop celebrating the 60th birthdays of Rutgers faculty members Eric Allender (Computer Science) and Mike Saks (Mathematics). Workshop presentations blended research with reminiscences about Allender and Saks and their many contributions to complexity theory and to combinatorics. Ken Regan’s recent post in Gödel’s Lost Letter highlighted presentations and conversations during the workshop and captured the collegial spirit of the event. In his January post in the Computational Complexity blog, Lance Fortnow offered his own reflections on the event, the celebrants, and about DIMACS.

For those who missed it (and even for those who didn’t), videos of workshop presentations are available here.

Participants at the E+M=C^2 workshop