New York Area Theory Day

About Theory Day:

The IBM Research/NYU/Columbia Theory Day is a semi-annual conference aiming to bring together people in New York Metropolitan area for one day of interaction and discussion on current topics in theoretical computer science.

Each Theory Day features several (usually 4-5) hour-long presentations by leading theoretical computer scientists about state-of-the-art advances in various areas. Some presentations give a survey of the latest advances in some area, while others may concentrate on a particular (often ground-breaking!) result. The meeting is free and open to everyone; in particular, students are encouraged to attend.

The location of Theory Day alternates between NYU and Columbia University, typically occurring at NYU during the fall semester and Columbia in the spring.

The primary websites for Theory Day are maintained at both NYU and Columbia. See either the website at NYU or the website at Columbia for the most up-to-date information on current Theory Days, as well as an archive of past Theory Days.

Starting in the fall semester of 2018, the Special Focus on Lower Bounds in Computational Complexity began collaborating with Theory Day to make funds available to support travel by speakers—particularly students and postdocs working in complexity—from outside the local geographic area.

Theory Day Organizers:

Theory Day Calendar:

You may also view the DIMACS calendar of events for details on Theory Days starting from Fall 2018 and beyond.